Recently went to The Faceshop and brought lots of skincare products. Here is a review 

Brightening Rice Water Cleansing Oil ★★★★★

-moisturizes and brightens the skin 

-removes heavy makeup and sebum from deep pore without irritation

-non comedogenic oil

Pore Minimizer Controlling Emulsion ★★★★

-Controls excess oil build-up

-Tightens pores

-Moisturizes pores for smoother skin. 

con: it is hard for the emulsion to come out due to the structure of the glass bottle 

Herb Day Cleansing Foam - Hydrating Aloe ★★★★★

-calm irritated and red skin 

Blemish Zero Toner ★★★★

-no alcohol

-clarifies skin

-does not feel sticky 

Overall, I am content with what I brought. My complexion has become smoother and radiant. The result after applying foundation has become less chapped. 

I brought the dark brown eyebrow liner for only $6 (cheap). I received the two acne cleanser samples and two blemish zero toner and cream. Also I received two boxes of facial pad (dunno why it has mascara ads in the cover) 

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